Tuesday, December 13, 2005

How Long is Too Long?

I try not to have hard and fast rules when it comes to relations with the fairer sex. That being said, I think there has to come a point in the dating/seeing/ whatever aspects of hooking up where you take it to the next level. Obviously I've been out of the game for a little while seeing that I'm married but I'd like to think that I still have some wisdom upon which my friends seek out.

As a bit of background information, my boy has been kinda seeing/dating whatever this chick for probably about 2 months now. I met her when I was down in FL and she's pretty cool, funny and good looking. However, my boy, who happens to look like Matt Damon so he has no trouble getting chicks, could not get a kiss out of this girl until the 4 attempt. He kept going in for the kiss and she kept giving him the cheek. Finally, on the 5 freaking date, she kissed him on the lips (and he basically had to guide her chin to make sure she didn't turn her head). Like I said, I'm not one for hard and fast rules but if I haven't gotten a kiss after the 2nd or at most 3rd date I'm out. For whatever reason, my boy stuck it out, and I'm guessing she knows how to kiss because he's still "dating" her.

He ended up hanging out with her this past weekend where one of her friends asked, "have you guys fucked yet?" He just smiled and said no. Apparently, this chick has made guys wait up to a year before getting the freak on. A year!!! Are you kidding me? I totally respect people that want to wait until marriage and aren't just going to give it up easy. I also would not encourage people to just sleep around with whoever walks by. However, I know I would not and could not wait that long to be sleep with someone. No matter what people say, sex is important in a relationship and the only way you are going to figure out if it works is by doing it. I guess my question is how long would you wait? I don't think my boy is going to end it just yet but I know damn well he's not going to wait a year. I'm thinking I would probably wait about 3 or 4 months then if I ain't getting the nookie I'm out.


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