Thursday, October 13, 2005

Let's Talk About Sex Baby

You remember that Salt 'n Pepa song from back in the day don't you? The one thing I never got was who Baby Little was. I mean all I hear when I think about that song is "Baby Little, Baby Little" in the background. Anyways that song isn't really what the post is about. I'm just curious at what point do you go I can't be in this relationship anymore because the sex is bad?

Here is a story for ya'll. I've been around the block a few times. I've had the one night stands, the friends with benefits, and the full blown relationships. I was dating this chick that I worked with. From the moment I started at the job she flirted with me and me, being the flirt that I am, flirted back. We went back and forth for awhile but didn't do anything. She had a boyfriend at the time so I didn't want to step on anyone's toes.

Well she ends up breaking up with the guy and we start hanging out. Now the entire time we are flirting she's talking so much shit about how great she is in bed, how she can do this and do that. Naturally, I was all about and wanted to find out for myself. The girl was pretty cute, so even if she didn't quite live up to her billing, if she was ok it wouldn't be bad. On one of our dates, her psycho followed us from dinner to the movies. Once we got out of the movies, she saw him staring at us and uttered an amazing line, "If he wants to watch, then let's give him a show." We made out and groped a little, nothing more than PG-13, but a turn on nonetheless. A few weeks later, things got more heated up and we did the deed. It was quite possibly the worst I've ever had, I had to pretend to finish. I just chalked it up to our first time together so I didn't think twice about it. The funny thing was that when she was done, she told me it was amazing.

Finally we are about 2 months into the relationship. We have been pretty intimate for some time now and it has gotten progressively worse. She continued to tell me how amazing it was to her and I just couldn't help but laugh. She asked what I laughed at and I just said that it was that "gee someone is saying something nice about me" laugh. I tried one more time and then told myself if it didn't get better I was out. We did it again and it sucked royally. Finally, I broke up with her. When she asked what was up, I told her it wasn't her, it was me. I didn't want to be in a relationship, and I needed my space (actually, I didn't mind being in a relationship, but I needed someone who knew what they were doing and didn't talk shit about how great they were in bed before and sucked after). All in all I gave our relationship 3 months. My question is, at what point do ya'll just say enough is enough. I think I waited about 2 months longer than I should have. How long would ya'll wait?


Blogger shoes said...

the first time could be jitters
the second time could be that she just forgot
the third time you need to get her 6 white mice

pallbearers for her dead pussy

12:47 PM  
Blogger Rand said...

Yep, you're right. You waited 2 months too long. If it's going to work, you need to have sexual capatibility on some level.

7:31 PM  
Blogger Puerto Rican Angel said...

i say a month and a half tops. why waste all that energy if you have to sneak into the other room and masturbate.

5:37 PM  

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