Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Asshole of the Week

I haven't been doing too well in keeping up with my AOTW award lately but this one was too easy to pass up. Evidently, the NBA (Pro Basketball for all you non-sports people) is interested in implementing a dress code for it's players this season. For some inexplicable reason, they don't want their players dressing like they just woke up and would prefer them to dress like the professionals they are supposed to be. You can read about it here.

Well unfortunately, some of these players aren't too thrilled about to dress up a little during league time such as travel to and from the team (5 star) hotel, press conferences, games (if they aren't playing), etc. Allan Iverson has bitched about not wanting to change the way he rolls, since he wants to be comfortable. However, there is another NBA player that one ups Mr. Iverson. That would be the fragile Marcus Camby. This guy had the balls to suggest that teams give players an additional allowance for clothes on top of their regular salaries. Are you fucking kidding me? In a league that has a MINIMUM salary of $398,762 for first year players, that is just preposterous. Shit I graduated from law school and am up to my ears in debt but still had to buy clothes for work. Mr. Camby himself, is scheduled to make $8.5 million this year. Call me crazy, but I guess 8 mil doesn't go as far as it used to. While people are struggling to live off FEMA checks that are being disbursed in amounts of $2,000, you can't afford to take your ass to the local Men's Warehouse and get your ass a sports coat, 2 pairs of pants and some dress shirts on 8 Mil? Congratulations Mr. Camby you are my Asshole of the Week


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