Friday, October 21, 2005

American Idol Here I Come

I'm kind of a music nut. I love listening to a wide variety of music, I like Tim McGraw and Tupac for God's sake. In addition to my love of music, I like to sing. Some people have told me I have a decent voice, while others have said that I was polluting their ears. I'm sure if you ask Baby Ricannette she'd probably tell you that I was polluting her ears since she likes to cry when I sing to her. Anyways, when I get in the car it's a given that I'm going to sing the songs that I know on the radio. Be it rap, rock, pop, country it doesn't matter. If I know it I will sing it (sad isn't it?).

So I'm driving a couple of weeks ago on the highway totally jamming with the windows down, wind blowing through my hair (even though my hair is about 1/8 of an inch long), singing my little heart out. The it comes on the radio. A song that I haven't heard in about 3 years but can still remember the words as though I wrote them myself. What song could bring your dear Rican to his knees? It's none other than "Like a Virgin" by Madonna. I have no idea what it was about this particular song on this particular day but I felt a connection. I found myself thinking back to cone shaped bras and the movie "Who's that girl?"

Naturally, I began belting out the tune. After the first verse, I'm completely warmed up and ready for the chorus. As I'm singing "touched for the very first time" I looked over to my left and noticed an old couple staring at the crazy Rican in the car next to him singing his pretty little heart out. My solo began to slowly die down as my embarrassment crept up. I saw the lady in the passenger seat look over at her husband, say something and then roll the window up. Blushing, I also rolled my windows up, turned Madonna down, and changed directions so I would not have to ride beside them any longer. Once they were out of sight, I cranked it again but found that Madonna had left my radio. Oh man, what might have been...


Anonymous Buddha said...

Spring Break - Panama City. You rocked the house with your karyoke on the beach man. Or at least you were way better than big john!!

9:12 AM  
Blogger hanmee said...

Sounds like me except I have a protocol for singing in the car. I leave the windows rolled up and don't make eye contact with surrounding car. And although I try to put my heart into it, I avoid any wild gestures.

Oh and Boy likes it when I sing to him.

9:59 AM  
Blogger chardrian said...

I can't beleive you missed the opportunity to look granny square in the eyes sing "touched for the very first time" and then blow her a little kiss - no rolling up the windows for me, gotta take every opportunity given to ya.

11:19 AM  
Blogger hanmee said...

chardrian: LMAO

12:19 PM  

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