Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Reminiscing about old times

D wrote today about how she's not worried about turning 29 later this month and her last year in her 20s. I gotta say I'm sure I won't feel the same way. I already feel old because I'm closer to 30 than I am to 20. She writes that her 20s weren't her best years. They were absolutely my best years. During my 20s I:

1. Got my ears pierced - this may not seem like a big deal to some but back in the day I was so straight laced that it was out of the ordinary for me to do this, I also dyed my hair, goatee and had another piercing.

2. Went to college at probably the best college for me. It was enough of a party school to enjoy myself immensely but not so much that I got into (too much) trouble.

3. Was detained by the police on my 20th birthday because I told people that wanted to get into our party that was already at capacity where to park and jump the fence to get into the apartment complex.

4. Met Mojo the night I was detained by the police since he was detained along with me (my friends didn't think I should be out there by myself so they sent Mojo with and I got the poor guy arrested on his first meeting with me).

5. Went to spring break numerous times to Daytona Beach, Miami and Panama City (where Mojo was once again arrested and forced to clean our hotel for taking a piss by the security guard's door, this is after he had broken his ankle running into the water with 2 of my other friends in a scene that can only be described as the beginning of a gay porn).

6. Threw parties at my friends' houses that are still talked about today. My Quanz buddies used to joke that we would leave UCF as party legends and for a few nights during my 4 years there I'm was convinced that we were/are legends.

7. At one aforementioned party, had a police helicopter show up to break up the party, downed 5 kegs of beer in about 1 hour, had probably about 500 people in a 3 bedroom house, saw a car be moved by lifting it out of a parking spot rather then being driven off, and witness every stereotype of group walk through the door (our friends, the freaks, football players, the greeks, blacks, latinos and my dad).

8. Convinced a girl to give let me wear her bra the night of my bachelor party (as part of my "to-do" list), carried around a bowling ball shackled to my ankles and wore a blow up doll around my neck the entire night.

9. Took a massive amount of shots of Parrot Bay Rum before my wedding to calm down my nerves and actually led a conga line during the reception.

10. Left sunny Florida for the great white north known as Wisconsin to attend law school.

11. Basically made a joke out of my 3rd year of law school by drinking in class, and playing on the internet all day long (right Homer?).

So while D may not be missing her 20s after she turns 30 next year, I'm totally going to miss mine, they were, and continue to be the best times of my life.


Blogger Danielle said...

Age is nothen but a number; however, when I look back and look a head, I can definitely see my life getting better from here on out.

9:38 AM  
Blogger Cherry said...

That is a great list. You were a very ornery 20 year old! ;)

I loved my 20's too. A lot of fun, crazy times.

11:22 AM  
Blogger Moral Turpitude said...

Your wife must be so proud. Also, your DAD showed up at the party??

11:34 AM  

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