Friday, June 10, 2005

What does this say about L.A.'s finest?

Apparently on May 9 the wonderful police officers of L.A., who seem to have a great reputation, fired 120 rounds into the car of an unarmed suspect that led them through a 12-minute chase. 120 fucking rounds! Good God. I mean I understand that this dude had been eluding them but once he stopped don't they normally pull him out and beat the shit out of him?

That's not even the worst thing about this incident. The cops that were involved are being served "punishments" ranging from "written reprimands" (what the hell is that) up to 15-day suspensions (gee a whole 15 days? that's like an extra 2 weeks of vacation time).

The kicker about this incident is that in the 120 shots fired at this guy's car. Only 4 actually hit the guy!!! Are you kidding me? Did we give train them with like super soakers that they can only hit someone 4 times out of a 120 shots? The great cops of L.A. also managed to hit one of their own in this entire fracas. What a bunch of idiots.


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