Friday, June 17, 2005

Psycho Lady

I didn't know weather to laugh at or feel sorry for this lady. For those of you who are too lazy to link the story here's a quick review.

Basically this Ohio defense attorney pleaded guilty in a murder-for-hire plot aimed at (no pun intended) her estranged husband. This lady is such a psycho spaz that she didn't even let the judge finish reading the charge before pleading guilty and interrupted the judge again when he was going through the "you know you are waiving your right to a jury trial" speech. Prior to this, this lady had called a judge a sick twisted old man (presumably in court since she was disciplined for it). She also told a prospective divorce client to max out her husbands credit cards prior to the divorce (damn that hurts just thinking about it). The funniest thing though is what she said to the "middle man" in her attempt to hire the hit man. When asked if she would be able to live with herself if she goes through with this, she replied, "Yeah, happily, the rest of my life. I'm gonna tinkle on his grave every year." That is totally sick and twisted but I actually laughed out loud at the thought of this crazy bitch squatting on this man's grave to water the flowers.

The most bizarre thing about this case though...she actually gets to keep her law license (even though it was suspended). I swear it's harder to get the damn license (like making someone write an essay explaining that they don't have a drinking problem because of an underage drinking ticket) than it is to lose it (case in point right here).


Blogger angelfaceh said...

ALl I can say is....that must be one huge asshole to get a woman that rag'n mad!! Don't just blame the woman...I want to hear her reasons...and if in her might want to piss on that guys grave too!!

3:10 AM  

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