Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Lost Art of the Home Run Trot

It has been said by people far wiser than I that the hardest thing to do in sports is to hit a baseball. It seems to be true when you look at the statistics in a sport where if you fail 70% you are considered a good hitter. If you were to ask me before last night I would have wholeheartedly agreed with you since I had yet to get a hit all season, granted it had only been 4 at bats. However, last night it all came together with my first at bat of the game that inspired the title to this post.

I have never been a homerun hitter. In all my years playing baseball I have hit a grand total of 2 homeruns so it's not like I ever needed to try to perfect a homerun trot. I never sought to solicit advice from all my teammates that routinely hit a baseball so far that it didn't matter if they could run fast or not. Last night, for the first time since 10th grade, I hit a ball our the park (just a sidebar it's also sweet to know as soon as you hit the ball that you know the park aint holding it in). I wanted to watch the ball go and wanted to see it land before I stepped out of the batters box but that is a total faux pas since you never want to show the other team up. I started my jog and then thought to myself, how fast am I supposed to be running? I wanted this to last for a long time but I didn't want to make it seem like I had just blown my load in my pants. I started to turn to round first and I didn't even realize that I need to look down at my feet because I had to do a little foot shuffle to get my feet correctly over the base without falling.

When I reached second base I wanted to slow down my trot because it felt like I was jogging too fast and couldn't believe my triumph was halfway over already but again I did not want to show up the other team so while trying not to look like a snail I slowed my pace down a tad (I'm sure if you ask my teammates they will tell you the only reason I slowed down a little is because I'm not used to running continuously for that long). I finally rounded third and made my way home knowing that my journey was about to reach its climactic end. I touched home and looked up only to realize that wifey wasn't able to come to the game because of her issues from the weekend, so I had no witnesses for my once-in-a-blue moon experience.

Alas I must admit that last night the ball was flying out of the ball park with frightening regularity. Randy led off the game for us with a homerun, ala Rickey Henderson, which, if memory serves correctly, was our first bomb of the year. His was a towering moonball that cleared the left field fence. He must have done this before because he did not seem to have the home trot struggle that I endured. Two guys on the other team also hit homeruns and didn't seem to have any trouble rounding first (like no foot shuffle). That makes me wonder...Does anyone else go through this when they hit a homerun? Does anyone care that I wasted 15 minutes of my day trying to brag that I hit monster bomb last night, without sounding like I'm bragging?


Blogger Janelle Renee said...

Congratulations! Brag it up, baby!

: )

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