Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Can this family get any weirder?

It seems like the Jackson family is interested in a reality series about (presumably) what their life is like "behind closed doors." This article outlines what the Jacksons have been doing to try to shop around their idea.

Alright, your kid just went through a long and demanding trial where he stood to possibly go to jail for a hell of a long time what do you decide to do? Film a reality series about it. Are you kidding me. This family ain't the Cosby's We don't need to see anymore trainwrecks coming from them. Alas I'm sure some desperate network will pick this up and some curious idiots will watch to see what life is like as a Jackson. I'm a big reality tv fan, but I'd rather listen to Tito Jackson's record than watch this shit.


Blogger Janelle Renee said...

Now I understand why the family had no reaction when the verdict was read. One would think they would've at least shown, oh I don't know, happiness?

Anyway, I finally understand: The reality show would've been more valuable if he was convicted. Look at the interest in Martha. Went through the roof prior to, during, and after her sentencing. Poor Jackson family.

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