Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Assholes of the Week

Sorry I didn't post this yesterday, but I felt like I need to get the bragging out of my system ;-) Our Asshole of the week is, well actually I have 2, Jennifer Wilbanks (the freaky eyed runaway bride) and her fiance, John Mason (pathetic!).

I tried not to watch this lady's interview last night but wifey wanted to see it and, like so often happens when you see a trainwreck, you just can't look away. This lady is such a selfish, crazy, stupid bitch. I already wrote about her before so I'm not going to rehash everything but here are some "highlights" from her interview last night...

Her fiance had become "a person of interest" to the FBI after the Utah thing and the Scott Peterson thing (of course freaky eyed bitch didn't realize this would happen because she wasn't thinking about "the people I love." Bitch talking about her lie "It's scary that the story I concocted came so easy to me, I guess I watched too many cops and robbers movies." Another wonderful quote, "I don't want to give myself to John until I feel I'm the right person for him and right now I don't feel like I am." Hey buddy she's obviously not interested. "I feel so guilty for the people that I have hurt. And how, you know, how this has affected many people's lives. But at the same time, it's the best mistake I ever made." Of course it is bitch you just sold your story for $500K. And dumb ass fiance's answer when asked how he felt when he found out the story was made up, "I was upset for like 5 minutes then I was OK." Listen buddy I would have been pissed off for good and left the bitch in New Mexico. Last but not least, it seemed that this bitch also kept text messages in her phone that said I love you from a guy she dated in late 2003 even though she was engaged to the other asshole of the week.

Just listening to these two Assholes last night was infuriating. I don't know much about people with mental illness, and I can appreciate their seriousness. But you know what? You don't make up a fucking story like that, profit for it, and then expect us to call you "friend" or by your real name. I think what I'm going to call you two are my Assholes of the Week.


Blogger Cherry said...

She is crazy. I think she should have to do jail time for making the FBI search for her and making up that fake story.

He is also crazy for staying with her. Not to mention the freaky thiroid problem that makes her eyes stick out. How can he stand that?

Well, if he is crazy enough to stay, I guess they deserve eachother.

5:18 PM  

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