Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Asshole of the Week

Alright boys and girls, it's about that time again for this week's winner of the prestigious Asshole of the Week award. This is almost too easy this week but here we go. This week's winner is none other than Jeremy Roenick. For those of you who don't know who that is, Mr. Roenick is a professional hockey player in the NHL (yes that league still exists).

A little bit of background information is in order to help you understand this week's Asshole. The player's association and the owners of the NHL are having a little bit of a spat over (what else) but money, specifically how to divide the revenue that comes in from ticket prices, tv contracts, etc. Well seeing that they couldn't agree, they cancelled this past year's entire season, not that anyone cares since the ratings were worse than for shitty shows like that of Britney and her white trash husband.

Now that you have some idea of the background here is what Mr. Roenick said in a press conference after a charity golf tournament. He told the fans who called the players "spoiled" because they make millions of dollars for playing a "game" (he actually did the quotation thing with his hands which I thought was funny) to kiss his ass because we are just jealous of them. Mr. Roenick also went on to say that if the fans truly feel like that then don't come out to the games, don't come out to the stadiums to watch them play and that they don't want those people to watch hockey.

Alright dude I played sports my entire life. I know that professional athletes probably work on their profession harder than most people work at theirs. However, you gotta understand that all you are doing is playing a game for entertainment. You are getting paid insane amounts of money for a game that a lot of people pay to play. You also gotta realize that your league sucks. No one watches your game and that's why you are in this position now. For you to alienate the few fans who still are interested in your game by telling them to kiss your ass completely undermines what the rest of the players are trying to avoid. You can't tell fans not to come back idiot, most of your revenue comes from ticket and merchandise sales. How many people do you think want to watch you now dumbass?

Congratulations Jeremy Roenick for making my job easier this week for being such an asshole. You are my Asshole of the Week!


Anonymous Danielle said...

Yea, this guys an asshole. He's only screwing himself by making those comments!!! -Dan

7:38 AM  

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