Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Asshole of the Week

Well I had my asshole already picked out and then the Detriot Pistons went out and won the Eastern Conference Championship, so Larry Brown you are off the hook but know that what you did was mad shady. You don't turn your back on your team to find another job in the middle of a championship run.

So now that I can't use Mr. Brown, I think I'll use Professor Slosberg. Don't know who that is? Well you can read about his stupidity here. Basically this guy had students come into his classrooms and write down their name and social security numbers (perhaps for grading? I don't know). Then Prof. Slosberg used those numbers to apply for credit cards and presumably run up a huge bill that he did not have to pay off. Alas, the Professor was caught (along with his girlfriend) and arrested. I think he might have been found with the candle stick, in the library but I can't be sure.


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