Monday, June 20, 2005

Ad Observation

Wifey wasn't feeling too good and had to have a procedure so she spent the weekend basically in bed and I spent the weekend at her beckon call. As a result, I watched a lot of sports on TV this weekend and the movie "Be Cool" (it was mildly amusing but watching Uma Thurman dance made me want to update my Laminated List).

What I remember most about the weekend are the freaking ED ads all over the place. Whether I was watching the U.S. Open, the Finals or the College World Series all that kept popping up was beer and Viagra ads. I didn't realize so many guys had that problem. One of the side effects of Viagra and Levitra and any other pill they came up with to make your Johnson work seemed to be a 2 hour erection. I believe the suggestion was if your erection lasts for longer than two hours to call your doctor.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Why would people call their doctors? What are the doctors going to do? Stroke you off until the erection goes away? I'd call wifey and tell her to cue up the CD play with Brian McKnight, Keith Sweat, Jodeci and Luther Vandross and to hit repeat. I'd also have wifey set up the camera so I could document this astonishing feat. The last person I would call would be my doctor. "Uh..Dr. Smith, I got a problem, I took that little pill and now my dong won't go down what should I do? What could a doctor possibly say? I mean seriously, why would a doctor want to be called upon to "relieve his patient's stress?"


Blogger Cherry said...

Those ads always make me laugh!! :)

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