Tuesday, May 03, 2005

This Woman has Issues!

I'm sure by now everyone has an idea of what happened to Jennifer Wilbanks over the past week (for those of you who don't know she's the woman that "pretended" to get abducted because she got cold feet before her wedding). CNN has an interesting article here about how she really didn't come out an apologize and a brief timeline if you aren't aware of the case. Blonde Justice posed an interesting question about whether this woman should be charged with a crime (read the comments to see people's speculation about whether the media would make a big deal out of this had she been a minority).

My initial feeling about this is thank God someone else did it so now we can call this type of event a Wilbanks case and no longer an Audrey Sieler case (the crazy Minnesotan who pretended to get abducted). After that feeling I started thinking about the situation and I think she should be charged with some kind of crime and to repay the city of Duluth, GA for their expenses in looking for her (maybe they can implement some kind of arbitrary rule like Madison did for the Mifflin party this past weekend right Nooner?).

Now I'm thinking about her fiance. Being a married guy I know all about getting cold feet before a weeding. I mean my boys all took multiple shots of coconut rum before my ceremony. It's natural to have these thoughts but damn this is just insane. The kicker is the guy is staying with this woman. I just don't think I would stay with this lady. How could you do this to your future husband, the man you agreed to love for the rest of your life knowing (at least she should have known) that he would be suspect number 1. Wifey wasn't all that excited about me drinking before the ceremony but she knows that it was just nerves and not regret. What the hell is wrong with these people?


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