Thursday, May 12, 2005

Observations from Being the DD

I don't get to go out as much as I would like so usually when I go out I try to live it up and drink as much as I can as fast as I can so I can get a good buzz early (or hammered early) and sustain it all night. Well tonight I was the DD so I just had 2 beers and a bunch of Red Bull. I've noticed some things about people and began thinking about other stuff I realize I've never noticed since I was too drunk to remember most of the night.

There are some people who I think are considered "closet" funny people that you just didn't realize were funny until they started to drink. Yoni is pretty much like this. I thought he was just some quite dude that I saw when I went out before, but after going out a few times and seeing him drunk, I realized he's a pretty funny (albeit cheezy at times "where you from? prettyville? (Actual pick up line used!)) dude who just was being quite.

Now there are some people who just surprise you by "peaking" out of the closet only when they are drunk. I started to notice this last night about one of the guys we were with. We would be dancing and chilling trying to run game on the girls and homeboy would come up behind the dudes bump n grind, and start ass grabbing. Now this normally wouldn't bother me if it was just one time and he was fucking around, but this guy had intent (HA! Legal terminology). He just kept running into all the guys, pinching dudes, and just being gay all over the place. Now being gay is fine, I have no problem with it, but dude you definitely took it to the next level. He was all over all the guys like a fat kid with some birthday cake. Someone should clue him in as to his behavior. I have a feeling that if I called him today an told him about his antics he would just laugh it off and be like "Rican, you got no clue what you saying." Anyways that was my experience tonight. Does anyone else have funky stories like that, that just surprised you to find out on one of those unfortunate (or fortunate depending on your outlook) nights when you are called to provide the fiduciary duty that comes with being the DD?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So I guess I should just stay drunk 24/7 then, huh?
Done ;-)

- Yoni

8:52 AM  

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