Monday, May 30, 2005

Happy Memorial Day!!!!

Happy Memorial Day everyone. I hope everyone has the day off from work (if not what kind of heartless company do you work for, even though I know I'll end up at the grocery store thankful that they are open). This is the official start of summer as far as I'm concerned so it makes it one of my favorite holidays off the year. Grills are dusted off, shorts are brought out of the closets, and of course two-piece bathing suits come out of the woodworks (even though the first few weeks are kinda scary in Wisconsin since people's skin hasn't seen the sun up here since like September, Remember the movie Powder???).

Also, on a more serious note. Let's not forget what Memorial Day truly is about. Being that my Pops is a Vietnam War vet this holiday has special meaning for me in that sense too. Thanks to all the troops that have served and continue to do so.


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