Thursday, April 07, 2005

Wow you must be really smart

That was the response I got from a friend from high school when I told her yesterday that I was in law school and about to graduate. At first I thought it was meant to be sarcastic (we were talking on IM) but after chewing her out she told me that she really thought I was smart for being able to get into law school and actually finish. Now I haven't talked to her in a while (she didn't even think I went to college since I did jack shit in high school but graduated really high in my class since I was a good baseball player).

I started thinking about that statement and realized man people in law school have totally put the wool over "lay" people's eyes when it comes to getting into law school and actually finishing. I guess from the outside looking in, the thought of law school sounds really hard and I think everyone assumes that all people who are in law school are intelligent (I'm not saying they aren't but there are some people in my classes that make me wonder who they boned to get in). Another instance that was brought to mind happened my first year. I went to a bar and was just randomly talking to people and getting the standard blow off by girls that ugly guys get. However, when they found out I was in law school they changed their tune quick. They were all about hanging with this law student (like I already had the money I'm beginning to think lawyer's don't actually get).

I don't know how this got started. I mean somewhere along the lines I'm sure I would consider law school more difficult than undergrad but it's surely not as hard as people think. I mean this is what my typical day at law school is like. Go to class, make sure the wireless internet in the classroom works, get a crossword puzzle in case the internet goes down, talk shit with my friends and ask the professor to repeat that question again since you weren't paying attention the first time. Sure the reading can be long and boring, but how many people actually do it (since I do the reading my friends have started calling me a gunner). You really don't have to go to class (unless you are in lawyering skills where they take attendance twice, not once, a day), you don't really have "homework" in the sense that you have to turn stuff in everyday, and you just have to study for one test at the end of the semester. Now how hard does law school sound to you?


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Blogger chardrian said...

Hey just becuase you are about to graduate doesn't mean you have to blow our cover. Freakin's just kidding everyone. Law school is really really tough. It's a 3 year (or less) intellectually grueling marathon. Only the best of the best can hack it. If you meet someone who got into lawschool, especially a "top tier" school like UW you should stand in complete awe to their intelligence. Don't worry if a little drool comes out as you are basking in our glow - we're used to that. And if you meet someone who actually graduated from (or is about to graduate as the case may be) you actually should have to pay them just for the opportunity to say a few words to them. And if you ever meet Freakin you should pay double because he is so smart he actually thought law school was easy. ha!

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