Friday, April 15, 2005


Man I feel bad for my Lawyering Skillz partner Nooner today. The thought graduating has been on my mind since March ended but now it has really hit me hard. We have to prepare for an argument against some kind of motion and I'm having all sorts of trouble getting motivated. Could it be that my law school career ends in less than one month? Or could it be that the classes that I left for my final semester are all Pass/Fail options that require no exam? Regardless all I know is that today's argument is going to go down the tube and frankly don't care because I'm done with classes (and no finals this semester!!!!!) a week from tomorrow. Man it seems like I write about a lot about what a joke law school. It's not really that sense, I've worked hard for 5 semesters (Ok probably like 2) so damn it I can enjoy this last little bit. Of all the future Juris Doctors out there, does anyone else agree with me about law school?


Blogger DannyNoonan said...

Gerry concluding his argument withthree minuted to go:

"Um yeah, so that's my argument...."

8:52 PM  

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