Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Ron Mexico

The Smoking Gun had a report recently here where a woman is accusing Atlanta Falcons super freak quarterback Michael Vick of infecting her with Herpes Simplex 2. She is alleging that Vick confessed that he had the STD and that he apologized profusely for not informing her of his STD. This in and of itself isn't really funny but the alias that Vick uses for testing purposes is hilarious, Ron Mexico.

When you look at the complaint the defendant is named as Michael Vick aka "Ron Mexico." Again this is funny but not as funny as it became once I read this article in the Orlando Sentinel. This poor guy, who's real name of course happens to be Ron Mexico, has had to deal with reporters asking him questions about "the incident." I liked the idea at the end of the piece of sending the real Ron Mexico out to midfield to do the coin toss in a Michael Vick, Falcons jersey with "Mexico" for the last name rather than "Vick."


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