Monday, April 25, 2005

Man I'm glad I didn't decide to that

Back in the day when I was lived in O-town, I really wanted to jump out of a perfectly good airplane for entertainment. My dad took me to Vegas after graduating high school and I begged to go skydiving out there and he said no we don't know anyone out here and we can't do any research on any of the companies. After I moped and bitched I finally gave in. After we got back to O-town I tried to convince him to let me do it and he wasn't feeling it here too.

I did some research and I narrowed it down to a place near where my parents lived (Lake Mary) in Deland. For some reason or another I never made it out there and then I met wifey who was definitely not feeling me jumping out of a plane. As it turns out after seeing stories here and here I'm kind of glad I didn't go to that particular place in Deland. Now I still have the itch to sky dive but I'm definitely going to think twice about it (especially with baby Rican on the way) before I go through with it.


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