Wednesday, March 02, 2005

What's on Tap?

It has recently come to my attention from wifey (which is a surprise since she doesn't drink much) that there is a beer in North Wisconsin that is called Greasy Dick. This is quite disturbing considering I also noticed that at the Nitty Gritty in Middleton there was a beer on tap called something Butt. Can you imagine going up to the bar and ordering one of each? "Hi I'd like a tall glass of Greasy Dick and a glass of Butt." What the hell would you think as a bartender? Or if it's like some of the bars here in town where you have to scream your order because everyone talks so damn loud and you scream I'd like some Greasy Dick just as the bar gets quiet. How does one recover from that embarrassment?


Blogger Moral Turpitude said...

I believe you refer to Leinie's BIG BUTT Doppelbock.

Your "tall glass of Greasy Dick" comment was a delight from which I might never recover.

4:39 PM  
Anonymous Tim Dogg said...

I think the beer you are referring to is made by Griesedieck Bros. Brewery, which is not a 'Sconnie creation - but St. Louis, rather. See

8:59 AM  

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