Friday, March 11, 2005

Survivor Recap

By far the best reality tv show on tv. Last night's show was pretty funny. I first found out (since I didn't watch last week) that one of my team members had basically voted himself out because he sprained his ankle. What a puss I mean he could have cost me the lead (however he didn't) but I digress.

The Reward Challenge consisted of the teams picking a leader and having him/her choose 6 tools to build an outhouse and a shower. The Host, Jeff, stated that he would bring back the set designer of Survivor to judge the competition. The winner would have the set designer people come build them a shelter (the best reward I've seen yet). The winner will know they won because the builders will be back later that day.

The older team picked Ian (who is now on my team) and got to work immediately on the outhouse and shower. Considering they didn't have any "construction workers" on their team they built a high quality outhouse and shower (we found out later that Ian's dad owns a construction company so he has some experience). This team ended up winning because of their aesthetically pleasing and sturdy design.

The hottie team (which is losing hotties by the minute), couldn't even pick a leader until Jeff forced them to pick one. They ended up picking the redneck James. This turned out to be good because he's actually a construction worker so he promptly stated that they would win this competition. They got to work and worked up to the minute that Jeff and the architech came by. Their design was also high quality but less sturdy than the older team so another competition was lost.

The Immunity Challenge posed the teams against each other in a sumo style fight. They had to fight with a padded pillow with handles. They could only use the pillow to fight and had to push the other person in the water to score. The first team to 6 wins. The older group should have a distinct disadvantage since the hotties that are left (with the exception of the hill billy) are strong and young. However, the men for the younger tribe came up weak. They lost 5 out of a possible 6 fights. The older team built up a big lead (5-2) but the hotties came back behind a strong performance from the ladies. It was tied at 5-5 and the last fight was between the hill billy (skinny tall dude from the hottie team) and a gay hair dresser from the older team. Naturally the gay hair dresser came out and beat the hill billy once again to which the redneck say (I never thought I'd lose to a homosexual but that boy has some ass on him).

At tribal Jeff yelled at the team to perform better because they are getting their asses beat and have only won 2 out of a possible 7 matches. They voted out Kim (lazy but hot blonde) leaving them with 3 guys and 2 girls meaning the girls could be a target now.


Blogger Blonde Justice said...

What kind of fantasy survivor are you doing?

7:10 PM  
Blogger FreakinRican said...

It's one done by work. One of the attorneys set it up. You can just go to the survivor website and join the fantasy league.

7:45 AM  

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