Monday, March 28, 2005

Spring Break Recap

I apologize to my 3 readers about the long layoff between posts but as I'm sure you 3 already knew I was in Florida for my spring break. Here is a basic recap.

I got down to Florida, turned my phone on and had a message waiting for me from a Tallahassee employer wondering if I could interview with them. So right off the bat I'm happy yet disappointed because one day of my short vacation is shot right off the bat. To make matters worse, I didn't bring a suit down with me so I had to borrow my father in law's shirt, jacket, my mom's friend's pants and shoes and someone else's tie (neither of which match so I'm sure I made a great impression).

I get to the place after the 4 hour drive from O-town and right off the bat the lady hands me a file about an inch thick and tells me the first part of my interview consists reading this file and writing a memo on it outlining the issue, the applicable law and my recommendation for a course of action. Now normally this wouldn't be a big deal but I really wasn't prepared for this. I was prepared to lie about why I love the city of Tallahassee, that it's been my dream to move there ever since I turned down FSU to go to UCF, and how this is the perfect job for me.

After taking the first 45 mins to read the file I knew I was screwed with the memo part since I only had 15 mins to write, and nowhere in the file was the applicable law so I had to make up shit. To make matters worse the office was about 87 degrees inside so not only am I uncomfortable because I'm wearing other people's clothes, I'm sweating my ass off and stressing out. Finally the process was over and we went through the traditional interview Q & A session with a wrinkle. Her last question to me was, "Who is your favorite musical artist?" Before I could even stop my mouth from opening I had listed all the members of 2-live Crew (j/k) but my answer was probably just as bad. I said Tupac and proceeded to stick my foot further in my mouth by trying to explain to this older woman why Tupac is a good choice and that even though he cursed in his music, it can still be inspirational.

The last couple of days of spring break consisted of some hard core slacking off. My days generally went like this, I got up at around 10 am, went and laid by my mom's pool for a couple of hours, play a round of golf in the afternoon, go to a decent place for dinner since my parents were paying and then getting trashed at night with my friends pretending we were back in our "traditional" spring break locations. Needless to say it's not fun being back.


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