Tuesday, March 01, 2005


ESPN has a great article on good spring training battles from yesteryear here. I especially found the race between the two old owners and the eye black on the Kirk Gibson's hat especially funny. It reminded me of some of the stunts we used to play on each other and other teams back in the day.

For example, my senior year of high school our baseball team put sugar all over the field of our rival high school and the next day that school couldn't figure out why ants had torn up their entire field so they had to play the entire season as away games since they couldn't play on their field. There is always the classic bubble on your teammates caps while they aren't looking. But my fave was when we put the eye black all over one of my teammates glove (black of course) because we knew he liked to put his glove over his mouth when he talked to the pitcher (which is pretty common so the other team can't read your lips). He had a ring around his mouth like a drawn on goatee for the entire game and didn't realize it until after the game when we went to the locker room.


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