Friday, March 18, 2005

Gotta Love March Sports News

I'm pumped about the tournament. I only lost one pick from yesterday's pool (damn you Iowa, I thought you had more in you after playing Illinois tough and almost beating the Badgers in the tournament). So far I'm ahead in the pool that I'm running, which undoubtedly will raise some eyebrows with my fellow players but oh well. I must say though after looking at my picks for today's games, I'm not quite as confident. I think I picked too many upsets.

Staying with sports but in a different sense, the Congress subpoenaed (spelling) some prominent former and current Major League Baseball Players yesterday along with some high ranking officials (Commissioner Bud Selig and MLBPA head Donald Fehr). I tried to listen to most of it on the radio and read transcripts of the parts that I didn't hear but damn 11 hours of shit to try to read is a lot so I skimmed. I'm convinced that Congress called this session to grandstand more than anything else. The Congress men and women were up there hammering baseball about what it should have done in the past and about the current policy that baseball misled people to believe would give a first time offender an automatic 10 day suspension (there is a provision that says OR up to $10,000 fine, any fine lawyer can tell you the word OR is one of the strongest words in a legal sense because it can provide an out for a lot of penalties).

I played baseball a lot of years. I was lucky to play all the way into college and can honestly say I've never seen steroids in any locker room I've ever been in. Now I'm not naive enough to think it doesn't go on, I'm just saying I never saw it. That being said, I don't think it's Congress' job to police baseball. I think baseball has messed up big time with steroids but I think it's up to them to decide if how they want to run their business. If they want to promote steroids so be it, let the fans decide whether or not to support a bunch of cheaters. Oh well who knows what happens from here on out, what I do know is that Mark McGwire sure as hell looked guilty to me and that Sammy Sosa probably was lying when he said he's never done steroids.


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