Monday, March 07, 2005

Bloggers unite!!!

Here is an interesting article about bloggers that were fired as a result of the information they put on their sites regarding their employers. One lady got fired for putting "racy" pictures of herself in her uniform on her blog and the other guy got the boot for questioning his employer's finances.

I don't know about you but I think that's just bullshit. I can't believe that a company can fire you for something that you do on your own time. Granted I can understand the firing for wearing the uniform on a site but think of the promotional possibilities ("Girls of the airlines gone wild"), but firing a guy because he questions his employers finances are you kidding me? I have yet to meet anyone that hasn't complained about work at one time or another to their friends, spouse, bum on the street, etc. How is blogging about it any different? Because there is more of an opportunity for people to hear it?

I don't pretend to be a 1st Amendment expert, but this has to border on a violation of a person's right to free speech. It's not combative, you aren't provoking anyone to act irrationally or can put people in danger (like screaming fire in a crowded movie theatre) so what's the deal? I think after I get my license in June this is going to be my first fight in the American Legal System to protect my right and the rights of all the other nerds...uh I mean bloggers so write about anything they damn well please. Even if it means I have to pose for pictures and put them on my blog of the scales of justice strategically placed to show that I'm a lawyer!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It can't be a 1st amend. action, the employer is not the government; no constitutionaly duty. It would be a wrongful termination suit, where you are more than likely to lose unless you can fit some Title VII discrimination claim, which would be possible if the racy pics show the woman eating fried chicken.

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