Friday, March 11, 2005

Apprentice Recap

Alright folks, I slacked off last week on my reality recap but I had a good excuse (I was getting drunk with some fellow latinos). Here is this week's recap.

The Donald decided to split the teams up (corporate reorganization) and had the two project managers select the people they "don't want on your team." Predictably the two PMs booted the people who "create drama." Their task was to meet with 5 musicians each and auction off something (time with the artist, vacation with artist, spot in a music video, etc). The team that was formerly just the high schoolers had the following artists: Simple Plan (kinda cool), New Found Glory (also kind of cool but similar music), Gene Simmons (who was totally lame), Bare Naked Ladies (which would have been cool like 5 years ago) and Fat Joe (the line of the night regarding him was when Trump asked George if he knew who Fat Joe was and George replied if it isn't Simon and Garfunkel I don't listen to it). The other team had the hip hop crew of Lil Jon, Lil Kim, Moby, Eve, and Jadakiss.

The auction for the former college kids was just funny. Considering the auction was for AIDS research I thought it was classic that one of the team members that went live on the air consented to being called a MILF live. Then she's like "it means a mom I'd like to fool around with." Uh lady, it's not MILFAW it's MILF. It's mom I'd like to Fuck. Anyways to make a long boring post shorter, that team won by raising $19K mostly for one week getaways with Moby (which to me sounds lame) and with lil Kim (which I think would be cool).


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