Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Another Reality TV post (Man I'm a dork)

Alright as I'm sure you guys already know, wifey and I are reality TV junkies. I truly think that our week is mapped out by the powers that be (mainly reality TV producers). I gauge what day of the week it is by what TV show is on that night. Monday night, (and I can't believe I'm admitting this, shoot me now) the Bachelor and the Inferno II. Tuesday night, the Amazing Race and American Idol. Wednesday Idol results and Newlyweds (another one I can't believe I'm admitting). And last but not least my fave night, Thurs with Survivor and the Apprentice. It's a damn good thing the gym we go to has TV's everywhere otherwise we would be screwed.

Last night was the first night of a new season of the Bachelor. Now this is probably one of my least favorites reality TV shows but I watch it since wifey likes it. Actually when she asked me which show I would like to go on I said the Amazing Race, Survivor or the Apprentice, when I asked her the same question she said the Bachelor, what the hell is that about?!?!? (she told me only because of the cool locations of the show but we'll see about that, I'm doing my best to ask her once a week if she'll accept a rose from me).

The thing I don't really like about this show is how people actually pretend that they are coming on here with the intention of getting married. I mean if you look at the show's track record, it's 2-12. Last night's episode was especially troubling for me. There is of course your obligatory cat fights between the women (which I actually enjoy) but what stuck out for me was one of the girls that was just a PSYCHO! I mean the first round she takes off her dress and tells the guy she's a swimsuit model and shows him her moneymaker. I guess she was ok but that right there would turn me off (they only had 2 mins to get to know the guy). But to top it all off the chick pulls out a poem out of her right breast swimsuit piece and reads it to him (I tried as hard as I could not to pee in my pants right then and there when she said I'm not only a model but I'm a poet too). Later on in the show this same girl tells the guy that she models at night and is a private investigator for the government during the day, to which the guy had a classic line, a playboy model and an FBI agent!

At that point I realized the chick was weird but of course she saved the best for last. At the rose ceremony, for some reason the guy didn't give her a rose so she starts crying (which is another reason I don't like this show, why cry over a dude you've known for a week). She then tells the camera that she will always think about him and that she just wanted to tell him that she loved him and that she wanted to hear it back. Are you fucking kidding me? You love him after a week? This should be an interesting season. Oh girls just a word of advice, if you want to keep a guy around, don't tell him after the first week that you love him, that you are ready for marriage, that you want kids, or anything remotely like that. News flash TOTAL TURN OFF!


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