Friday, February 18, 2005

Survivor Recap

Well the season of Survivor Palau just started and I have to admit this season's characters look better than any other season to date. When I was applying for Survivor I always wondered why they wanted you to send in a video along with the application, I guess I now know why. Anyways to recap...

The show started with host Jeff Probst driving around the Islands of Palau on a boat. I had never heard of this place before Survivor but man this place is gorgeous. The lush green islands set above the crystal blue ocean waters definitely makes this a must see Survivor just for the scenery alone (both of the islands and the people :-)) Anyways the first challenge was to be the first man and woman to the beach (they were in a boat a mile away from the beach). They all decided to paddle to get closer and then for some dumb reason one girl and guy decide they are the next coming of Michael Phelps (Olympic gold medalist swimmers) and jump out on the boat thinking they could reach it first. Naturally after two seconds the boat passes them by.

Fast forward to the next challenge, the teams are divided after being picked like a P.E. class in elementary school (with the whole why did I get picked last line by the "outcast" of the group). The younger/stronger teams loses the obstacle course challenge that required you to choose to bring a lot of heavy crates full of food, water jugs, and fire because they decide to try bring everything except fire. Now tell me this why would you bring food and water and leave fire behind? Haven't these people watched Survivor before? It's not like the movie Cast Away where you can just make fire. You need matches and some flint. Anyways they end up not voting off the outcast but a strong female lawyer that rubbed people the wrong way. More to come next week. By the way none of my "fantasy team members" was voted off! God I'm a dork.


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