Friday, February 11, 2005

Reality TV

I don't know how many of you know this or not but I am a reality tv junkie. I love watching people (who I assume are normal until they go on tv) make complete fools out of themselves for money or their 15 seconds of fame. My favorite reality tv show is Survivor with the Apprentice running a close second. Since Survivor will start next week and the Apprentice running 4 weeks strong I figured I should post about them once a week after the episodes the previous nights.

If you haven't been watching the Apprentice (shame on you!!!!!) this season's contestants are being pitted against each other according to level of education (high school diplomas vs. college and grad degrees). After I found this out and I figured out the name of the college grads (Magna Corp for Magna Cum Laude) I began to cheer for the high school grads (Net Worth because they are worth more than the college grads) because of the snobbyness of the college grads. Now this has left me conflicted considering I'm a college grad and am about to be a law school grad. Does anyone else find this weird? Let me know your comments, remember you don't have to be a blogger member to leave me comments!


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