Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I'm Back

I apologize to my loyal readership (both of you) for not posting for a few days but I was out in Vail, CO enjoying some snow activities. For those who have never been out there, I would highly recommend it. I went tubing, which if you never have done it, you should. It was awesome going down a mountain on a tube (the only down side being that I was like the oldest one there).

I also went snowmobiling which is always a treat. I don't know why I get so excited about doing these things but man going straight up the face of the mountain at like 50mph on a machine is definitely a cool feeling. Sunday night we went to this awesome restaurant called Beano's Cabin. And yes I realized that Sunday night was Super Bowl night so I missed the 2nd half of the game (which didn't come out like I predicted but I told you the Eagles would cover the 7 points anyways I digress).

So this is the abbreviated version of the trip. Again if you have money to burn and enjoy the snow resort scene, the Vail area is a lot of fun and incredibly gorgeous.


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