Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Enough of this case already!!!

This whole saga of Terry Schiavo has got me going crazy. The latest story has the 2nd court of appeal about to rule on whether her husband is allowed to pull her feeding tube out and basically letting her die. A little background for those of you who are uninformed...

This poor woman has been in this vegetative state for about 15 years and her husband and her parents have been in a legal battle for a number of years now about whether to keep her alive in her current state or let her die by "pulling the plug" because she didn't leave a power of attorney or long-term care document outlining her desires (which ties in directly to our Lawyering Skillz curriculum this week). Hubby's stand is pull the plug because during their marriage he says this is what she wanted, while her parents, as you can imagine, aren't having that calling their son-in-law a murderer.

I'm not sure who to believe in this case but knowing how married couples communicate I think I'm with the hubby. Parents aren't always privy to the conversations of married couples and chances are Terry didn't think she would ever go into this state so young in her life so why bother bringing it up? I'm not trying to suggest that hubby is a complete saint either but I can't imagine what he's going through having to look at his spouse in this state while not being able to help her and then being called a murderer by his in-laws. Anyways the court will rule today one way or another (the money is on allowing the hubby to pull the plug) but as always the lawyers will find a way to delay it. Which reminds me one of the most insensitive lines came from Hubby's lawyers (although true, very insensitive). "CT scans just don't lie. When you look at that picture, you see a big black hole filled with water where her brain used to be," Felos said. "There is no cognition, no thought process, no awareness."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Gerry:
Wouldn't it be nice if he just divorced her, since he is already living with a woman and has children with her. If he's really not in it for the money (can't they split it at least?), why not say goodbye forever to her, and let her parents care for her and become her guardian? This shouldn't be something for courts to decide but the people who love her. I can't imagine as a parent seeing your child starve to death -- how many days do you think it would take before death of the body? As a husband, surely you feel strongly about your wife's wishes, but as a parent ...
mary g.

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