Friday, February 25, 2005

Apprentice and Survivor Recap

Well this is going to be short since I'm blogging live for the first time during class!!!! (I told you law school is hard). On Survivor the Hotties came back to camp with a clear intent to vote off the one freak on their team next time they lost an immunity challenge. During the first challenge (which is normally just for reward so no one gets voted off, they just get a reward) the hotties pretty much cleaned house on the older tribe therefore winning flint for fire and a snorkel, fins and spear for fishing. The freak came through for her team and they realized maybe it's time to vote strategic and get rid of slackers.

The immunity challenge was won by the older tribe when one of the hottie chicks didn't even try (she was on my team but thankfully didn't get voted off, God I'm a dork). Since she's hooking up with a guy on that team she escaped getting voting off. Instead they voted off the girl with the large chest that could come in handy in other "floating missions" in the water.

On the apprentice they had an "urban challenge" to grafitti up a wall for the cover of Playstation's new Grand Turismo game. Of course I was chearing for the high school kids but once I realized the girl that was the project manager wanted to send a message to the community and not sell video games, I knew her team would lose although I liked the grafitti painting more.

Sorry this is so short but it's hard to blog live during class when I was called out earlier this week!


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