Sunday, January 23, 2005

Today's Thoughts

1. Don't look now, but the Orlando Magic have already won more games this year after 39 games then they did all of last year (21) in 82 games. Here's hoping they get: home court advantage in the first round of the playoffs and a victory in at least that series (something She-Mac couldn't deliver)

2. Speaking of McGrady, I hate to admit it but he had a hell of a game against the Magic. I still think he's selfish and lazy but it was hard watching him play that well against the Magic so I have to give it up to him. That being said, why would someone say "my dog is really vicious, I could see him going after people just not us," after a guy filed a lawsuit against him that very day alleging that his "vicious" dog tore half his nose off when he attacked him? (that sound you hear in the background is his lawyer jumping out the window of his office)

3. My undergrad institution (University of Central Florida) opens up their 2005 football season at South Carolina for Steve Spurrier's debut on ESPN on the first broadcast of the football season on a Thursday night. Hmmm, 0-11 (last year) UCF vs. Spurrier on prime time itching to prove himself after a disaster in the NFL? Should be a good way for UCF to start the season on the right foot? What are these guys thinking? Why don't they schedule someone from like Division III so they can at least get the losing taste out of their mouths.

4. Now sports isn't all I care about. I went to see "In Good Company" yesterday (warning spoiler!!!). Usually I complain when Hollywood does happy endings for every movie but this one was different. I actually liked the movie but at the end I was upset that the guy didn't get the girl and it wasn't quite a happy ending. I mean it was but it wasn't. You have to see the movie to understand what I'm talking about.


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