Thursday, January 27, 2005

Stories from High School

I how many people do this but my friends and I will often reminisce about our high school days. We will talk about how we had crushes on this person and that person and how we played this and that sport and whether we were any good or not. Eventually we end up talking about whether we were in the "cool kids" clique or deemed inferior by those fortunate enough to fall into that group. Well I was never one of the "cool kids" and most of my friends fall into that category as well so we will then begin telling stories about how nerdy and dorky we were back in the day. I usually talk about the fact that I was in band in middle school, and for one year actually joined the math club (and I still wonder why I wasn't deemed "cool"). Anyways when people tell these stories I often feel like they exaggerate their "nerdiness." I mean no one can be that dorky can they? Well meet my boy buddha...

I was talking to buddha the other day and we began the topic of nerds in high school and the things we did. Like oh I was such a nerd in high school that I actually read my textbook during spring break because I had nothing else to do. Well he told me how he actually enjoyed science and math classes and really enjoyed computers and basically that he was just a big nerd in high school. Now I didn't know him in high school, I met him in undergrad and he is a very cool and very funny guy so naturally I thought he was just exaggerating about his nerdiness. Then he drops the ultimate dork bomb that makes me believe this man was truly a dork in high school. He told me that in high school, him and a few of his nerd buddies actually started a computer club in high school. Now I have a funky sense of humor but I found that to be really funny.

I'm curious to see if anyone out there has any other funky clubs that they either joined or started a nerdy club like this one. Please leave a comment if you do. You don't need to leave an email or anything, just type anonymous when it asks for that information.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i started a chess club, but only so i could put it on my college application. and then i didn't even get elected president. that sucked.

my little brother joined some club (but did not start it) called the "science fiction b movie club" or the "b movie science fiction club", one or the other. they used to meet at lunch and watch old, awful black & white sci-fi movies.

8:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the props Gerry

- Buddha

2:04 PM  

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