Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Interview Questions and Answers

Here are a few questions that I have encountered in my brief experience interviewing for legal employment after graduation, the answers I gave (A) and the answers I would like to give since they are closer to the truth (TA).

1. So why do you want to be a lawyer?
A: I took a pre-law class in undergrad and talked to the professor and I became really interested in pursuing a legal career.
TA: Well after reading (insert any John Grisham book title here since I've read them all) and seeing all the adventures in a lawyers life, and after seeing all the money Johnny Cochran makes who wouldn't want to be a lawyer, after all that could be me?

2. So why should we hire you?
A: I'm a hard working person who isn't afraid to put in long hours and advocate aggressively for my client.
TA: The question isn't why should you hire me, the question is why should I accept your offer.

3. What kind of law do you want to practice?
A: I would like to practice (whatever the firm specializes in) and eventually develop an expertise in this area.
TA: I would like to do whatever I can do that will allow me to make a lot of money and not work very hard.

4. Are you willing to work on the weekends? Because we have some associates from your school that said they would, but don't come in very often (this from a Marquette grad).
A: I've worked nights and weekends in retail and I know what it's like to work long hours because during the holidays retail can be murder.
TA: Well the reason why the Wisconsin grads don't come in on the weekends is because we are obviously smarter than Marquette grads and can get the job done in a shorter period of time, so we don't have to be here all hours of the day and night. Plus we like to party and have a social life outside the firm.

5. Is Wisconsin a good school?
A: Well according to our ranking in US News & World Report, we are a top tier school.
TA: Nope, I picked the worst fucking school I could find and applied to it so I could pay out of state tuition and live in below zero weather.

Keep checking back as I continue to interview, I'm sure to have plenty more.


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