Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Exactly How Cold is "Below Zero" Cold

To all my Quanzer friends back in Orlando bitchin about the "cold" (50 degrees) weather back home, let me try to describe to you how it feels outside right now when it is below zero. I know many of you have never been in weather like this so it might be hard for you to imagine exactly what this misplaced Floridian is going through right now. I was walking to the bank from school (roughly a 13 minute walk). I stepped outside and lo and behold it was sunny so I figured even though the mercury is below zero it can't feel that bad. WRONG! After the first few minutes I started to realize the my eyes were full of tears but they weren't falling down my cheeks. I tried to keep my head down to keep the wind out of my eyes. Well when I got to the bank I looked at my reflection in the window and the tears had frozen on to my cheeks! To make matters worse, on my way back to the law school, I tried to walk over a big area of hard snow only to realize after I slipped, ate it and landed on my ass that it was just a little bit of snow under a lot of ice. So next time you Quanz fool complain to me about how "cold" it's been in Orlando lately, think about frozen tears on my cheeks and a bruise on my "other" cheeks


Blogger Aardvark Al said...

You think you have it bad... The dog wanted to go out last night, and it was 30 below. He didn't come back. We found him this morning frozen to a fire hydrant. This is one of our warmer days.

11:11 AM  

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